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Founder and Independent Insurance Broker

William B (Bill) Eager, CFF

Mr. Eager is licensed in Connecticut and holds non-resident insurance licenses in multiple states from Maine to Florida, to advise clients in their selection and purchase of Retirement Annuities, Medicare Health Insurance and Life Insurance. He is also certified with Connecticut's Partnership for Long-Term Care insurance, and he continually meets and exceeds all requirements surrounding the sale of and advice related to selcetion and purchase of products and solutions. 

The main company, Eager Health Life & Annuities is officially contracted with dozens of top-rated insurance companies and institutions that offer time-tested fixed annuities, Fixed Index Annuities, life insurance and health insurance products for individuals and families. Additionally, we offer well established quality (non-insurance) HealthShare plans, as well as  union-based health insurance options. And most of our plans can be mixed and matched with traditional Affordable Care Act health insurance to create custom fitting health protection for everyday Americans who are being priced out of today's health insurance market. Most of our plans are available for purchase 12 months a year, and can reduce a family's health insurance costs often by half or more when compared to traditional (non-subsidized) health insurance plans.

William B. (Bill) EagerWilliam B. (Bill) Eager, CFF    Certified Financial Fiduciary®

At EAGER FINANCIAL, we are dedicated to providing the best possible Insurance, Financial and Retirement solutions to our clients and are proud to be able to offer the many advantages that come as the result of having over 17 years of insurance industry experience.

Our Beautiful NEW Office location at 441 Oxford Rd Suite 2-A in Oxford, CT 06478

Our original location

      That is until the building met it's fiery fate after an electrical surge from trees damaged by Hurricane Isaias  Aug 2020.

Only you know your personal budget and individual or family financial needs. We will work tirelessly through the "red tape" and mountains of complicated and at times almost conflicting insurance information, to match your actual need and budget to just the right insurance solution from one or several of our many top brand insurance companies.

Our company specializes in the insurance needs of families and individuals of all ages. We have extensive experience in the full range of health plan coverage for people of all ages, and offer a broad range of specific policies for our clients from most of the available popular brands.

Mr. Eager's broad experience in the financial services industry enables us to offer clients some of the most sought-after annuity, life insurance, and retirement income solutions available.  And to complete the circle of important personal insurance coverage. We also offer affordable dental and vision plans, indemnity plans, and accident, cancer and critical illness plans to our respected customers regardless of location.

Mr. Eager is also expert in customizing tax-advantaged insurance-based retirement pensions as well as essentially income tax-free life insurance-based retirement income plans. Additionally, Mr. Eager has been accepted by and joined NACFF and has certified as a Certified Financial Fiduciary® with the official (CFF) designation, solidly entrenching his life long commitment to always act in the financial Best Interest of his clients.  He also is a member of NAFA, the nation's premier source of expertise in fixed annuities, NAHU (National Association of Health Underwriters). HAFA a high-profile association providing quality health plans nationally, and is registered and annually certified with AHIP (America's Health Insurance Plan) remaining current in his Medicare skills. 

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