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Retirement Plans

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"Growth and Income Plans" built upon “Insurance”

Eager Financial offers customized financial programs to fund and grow your retirement through the use of insurance products. The word insurance says it all. To “insure” deriving from Old French meaning to "put in or on" and to make "safe against attack, to secure"

This is done by customizing insurance products that are guaranteed to work so that you can rest assured knowing that you have put retirement safeguards in place that work endlessly for you.

FREE CONSULTATIONS are available to take a closer look. Whether in person, over Zoom or via telephone, we will develop an insurance based approach to meet your exact retirement need. Our guidance and customizing services are always free to you. When you decide on a plan and pricing, your payments will always be made directly to the financial institution.

So, give us a call or text to (203)833-1357 or complete the information request for below. So let’s get to work! 

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*Always seek the advice of you professional tax and/ or legal advisor before making any decisions.

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