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Dental & Vision Plans

You need to also take care of your teeth and eyes to maintain an overall healthy body. To help you cover the cost of going to the dentist, we offer affordable dental plans. Additionally, we have vision insurance that helps you pay for exams and corrective eyewear if you need it.

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Dental Coverage

We offer several attractive dental plans from TOP Companies for you to choose from. Our plans give you a true choice, offering competitive rates and services. With the right plan, you can be confident you will get the regular cleanings and the unplanned dental care you need, when you need it.

Take Care of Your Eyes

Protect your eye health and eyesight by investing in vision insurance. Available coverage includes optional VisionCare plans.


Affordable dental and vision coverage is available. Get a free quote from one of our carriers below with a simple mouse click or just contact us.

Cigna Humana  DELTA Dental
Direct Vision Insurance Spirit Dental & Vision Denali Dental

Humana Direct Vision Insurance Spirit Dental Magnum Dental Denali Dental & Vision


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